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Nitro-Music Rumble #10: Kumotta

Description: An original track written for NItro-Music Rumble Season 1 Finale undergoing the attempt to write an opening soundtrack for an anime. Had a lot of fun writing this one, giving me opportunities to revisit some of my past favourite anime movies I used to watch as a kid such as 'Barefoot Gen' and 'Spirited Away'!

Nitro-Music Rumble #9: Decay

Description: A track written for Nitro-Music Rumble #9 with the theme being elevator music but the elevator is.. "falling". Given the time I had to create this track, I took the opportunity to mess around with some pitch shifting and mixing using a combination of mono and stereo. P.S I wasn't too sure where I was going with this track so I just had fun with it!

Nitro-Music Rumble #8: Lustful Iris

Description: An original track written for Nitro-Music Rumble #8, where the set challenge is to remain within the notes on the black keys. I had started playing around with other music programs on non-dedicated systems when coming up with ideas for this piece. 

Nitro-Music Rumble #7: Mercury

Description: A composition written for Nitro-Music Rumble #7. Following a set of challenges, I had included 3 different time signatures whilst attempting to compose around the racing theme. I will admit that I don't think I've ever used any other time signatures other than 4/4 so I knew this was sure to be a challenge! The time signatures I had used were 6/4, 4/4 and 5/5.

Nitro-Music Rumble #6: Yellow Fields

Description: So for this track, I had decided to go back to my roots and record my own guitar melodies over some piano and bass guitar. Creating openings for the guitar melodies to shine through the mix was my main aim for this composition.

Nitro-Music Rumble #5: Sixth Star

Description: 'Sixth Star', a track composed for Nitro-Music Rumble #5 undergoing a space odyssey theme. The sounds of space is unknown to many so the capabilities within the imagination are boundless. 

Nitro-Music Rumble #4: Puzzle Bobble (Remix)

Description: A remixed version of Puzzle Bobble's soundtrack. One of my favourite games from when I was a kid!

Nitro-Music Rumble #3: Colour

Description: Piece of 8-bit music inspired by retro gaming back when everything was in colour.


Colour.mp3 3 MB
Sixth Star.wav 30 MB
Puzzle Bobble Remix.wav 17 MB
Yellow Fields.wav 21 MB
Mercury.wav 22 MB
Lustful Iris.wav 27 MB
Decay.wav 23 MB
Kumotta.wav 18 MB


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hey, so this isn't about this, but would you like to help with music for my game?

Sure! What gamejam is it for?

I was gonna enter the adventure the adventure jam 2023.